A Best Friend

“Ah, to be a little girl at tea with a best friend!”  I saw this quote the other day and I smiled hugely when I read it because I am lucky enough to have a best friend. Tyffany has been my bestie since we were put on the same soccer team when we were seven years old. If you do the math, that means we’ve been friends for over 30 years.

We’ve never gone to the same school. We have rarely lived in the same town. She knows everything about me. EVERYTHING. We used to play a live action version of Donkey Kong in her basement – usually making her little brother be Pauline (the princess trapped in the tower). When her parents took us to the circus and she dropped her $5 down between the bleachers, I went with her to get it. We held hands in the deep shadow under the seats, people stomping above us as loud as thunder. We both had our first kiss on the same night — and we both waited for the boy to drive around the corner before spiting wildly into the grass. We stayed close all through college when we were 2,200 miles apart. We wrote long letters when she went off to the Peace Corps in Bulgaria. We wrote even longer letters when she got engaged to a Bulgarian man I had never met. She walked with me through my divorce.  She introduced me to my second husband. We made it through a big fight. A really big fight. She called me when her water broke. I called her as I saw Zoey through the nursery window for the first time. She was there when I got sick. And there’s a million other little things we’ve been through together.

A few weeks ago we went to visit Tyffany and her family.  Tyffany’s daughter, Laney, and Zoey played from the moment they woke up until we forced them to go to sleep. They did many of the things we used to do. When I watched our girls, I could see us at that age. Two scrawny kids, walking side by side so our elbows touched. Heads tilted together over teacups and secrets. Building forts with every single blanket and cushion in the basement. Because sometimes that’s the only way to do it – go all in. Build your fort with everything you have and make a safe spot inside just big enough for two. Because people will try and mess up your fort – they’ll try and knock it down. But somehow, if you’ve built the fort with everything you have, if you’ve built it with a million little moments, there’s always a safe spot for two. Even without every blanket and cushion in the basement. I am lucky enough to have a best friend. And so is my daughter.

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2 thoughts on “A Best Friend

  1. blwdrw


    I love that my heartfelt quote inspired such a brilliant commentary. It seems to me that you have captured the essence of life and friendship in a couple of paragraphs. Thanks for the visit and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Barbara

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  2. joslyne Post author

    Thanks for letting me use your words, Barbara! It’s so true! I’m lucky to have a best friend . . . and her family, too! xo


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