Hi there! It’s been a while! Lots and lots of blog silence. Sorry about that. But I have three very very kinda good reasons:

1) Summer. You know, that delightful season when kids are out of school! When structure goes out the window! When we have absolutely NO ROUTINE! Summer also happens to be the season when I about LOSE MY MIND every other day due to the above mentioned lack of structure and routine. There have been moments when I’ve gotten past my anal retentive, time oriented, overly-planful leanings and they have been wonderful. Making pomodoro sauce with tomatoes fresh from our garden. Laying with Demetri in the hammock while twilight settles around us. Watching Zoey hold a starfish in her bare hands.


2) Meat. I’ve been contemplating the fact that each and every time we’ve fed my child a hot dog over the past five years she has believed she was eating  “hot meat of the wild dog.” Because, duh, hot dog. This is both horrifying and hilarious. Perhaps the worst part was when I asked her, “Do you really think we would feed you dog meat?” and she responded with a shrug, “It’s not our dog’s meat. It’s wild dog. And I’m totally okay with that.” So clearly I went wrong with my parenting somewhere, I just can’t nail down the exact date and time. But hey! I’ve got to give Zoey something to work on in therapy.

3) Book. Summer, meat, and, oh yeah, MY BOOK IS OUT!!!!!! Woo-hooo! After four years of writing, one year of editing, and several grueling months of figuring out how dominate the crap out of CreateSpace*, IT’S DONE! You can read the first three chapters here and purchase the book on Amazon here.

z books

*Okay, fine. So really Demetri dominated  CreateSpace. But we’re married so it also counts in my column. Just like when “we” remodeled the kitchen.


1 thought on “Reasons

  1. Sandee Decker

    Sounds like a perfect summer to me… no structure, funny Zoey tidbits, and (drum role) your book is published!! Way to go, daughter dear.


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