Obi-Wan Kenobi Monday: The Travel Edition!

A semi-reliable source told me that today is not Monday. But I’m jet lagged and have no idea what time it is let alone what day it is . . . so, we’re going with Monday. We are back from our trip to Italy (which was AMAZING – more on that later) and today I’m going to share several things that helped me survive the 8 hour plane ride.

1) Noise canceling headphones. You, unlike me, have probably heard of these. Before the trip I asked several world travelers for advice. They all mentioned these headphones. I thought, “Sounds good! I’ll grab a pair!” Then I found out that the “good” ones are about $400. Um . . . no thanks. I bought these Audio Technica headphones for $54.99, baby! They were perfect for my needs. They canceled out the constant whooshing of the plane as well as the chatter of any nearby travelers. With these headphones I was able to rest and emerge from the plane headache free. WOOT!

2) A super sexy foam cervical collar (in black). My myofascial pain nurse recommended this to me. It keeps your neck at a natural angle while sleeping and doesn’t let your head flop to the side. I got this one, but in black. Color choice is crucial with this item. When the cabin lights are dimmed and if people squint the right way, it probably looks like you’re wearing a black scarf. Otherwise, it looks like a, um, foam cervical collar. BUT I had ZERO neck pain after the plane ride. Totally worth it.

3) Travel Scrabble. Kicking someone’s butt (Hi Demetri!) at Scrabble mid flight is very distracting. It makes time fly and figuring out how to use the “Q” takes your mind off any pain or fatigue. 

What helps you survive long flights or long car rides?


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