Option D: A New Theme Song

I feel like I should be writing an inspiring post — “How I Made It Through The Holidays With Grace, Gratitude, and Giving!” “New Resolutions for a New You!” Or maybe,  “Conquering Chronic Illness in 2014!” I did make it through the holidays — but with very little grace, a few moments of gratitude, and some (mediocre) giving. I don’t have my resolutions yet. And I’m rather sick of my chronic illness at the moment.

I’m sick of being tired, and weak, and forgetful. I’m sick of the pain and having to say no. I don’t want to “manage” my energy or my time. I’m so over spending hours (yes, literal hours) every single day on my health — doctor’s appointments, physical therapy exercises, cooking special meals, exercising just the right amount, refilling prescriptions, therapy, pain journals, stretching, meditation, resting. Oh my good god, I am SO sick of resting! I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. Actually, what I really want is to rest and then feel (wait for it . . .) RESTED. I’m done with the restingrestingresting and STILL feeling tired and in pain.


I’m in the middle of feeling-sorry-myself-ness. The way I see it, there are several possible responses to this:
A. Heavy drinking!
B. Eating an entire bag of chocolate chips!
C. Holing up in bed and reading “Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss”!
D. A new theme song!

The drinking is out because it will just make things worse. Same with the chocolate chips (and also because we are out of chocolate chips because I finished off the bag yesterday). So, I’m going with options C and D. (Pause for you to completely judge me on option C. However, I double-dog dare you to go write a best selling book about a vampire school. Then have it made into a movie. You do that and then we can talk about how you think the book is horrible etc. etc.)

Back to option D! A new theme song! My last theme song was “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. (Pause for you to go, “OMG! That’s, like, so cliche!”) Yes, yes, it’s been done. I know. It had a good run — it got me UP and moving for over a year. But it’s lost that certain something — that I-Must-Get-Up-And-Dance-Right-Now-And-Then-Go-Kick-Ass quality. So now I need something to take it’s place. Theme songs must be: danceable, upbeat, and stand the test of time. So far, I’ve got nothing.

Excuse me while I go read “Vampire Academy” under many, many blankets. For today, that totally counts as “managing” my health.

Do you have a theme song I can steal? Do have a song to recommend? I could use a little help. 

Theme song should make me feel like THIS.

Theme song should make me feel like THIS.


10 thoughts on “Option D: A New Theme Song

  1. Lindy

    She – Green Day
    Generator – The Holloways
    Get Up – Goldfinger
    The Truth About Me – Dance Hall Crashers

  2. Sandee Decker

    How about option E?
    I don’t have all the physical problems you have, but arthritis and feeling like 80 because I am so “crickety” is no fun and will not get better. Grrrr!

    Take a day or 2 or 3 off…. you need a mental and physical break! I know you can’t stop everything, but give yourself a vacation from as much as you can. Believe me it is OK to do this. Please try it. Oh, during your vacation day(s) do something fun that you never have a “spoon” for… go off the beaten path.

    Love you, daughter dear! I wish I could be more helpful in aleaving your pain.

    1. joslyne Post author

      Oh! Secret option E does sound nice! However, with a 5 year old it just can’t happen. At least not without putting significant stress on Demetri! 🙂

  3. Lisa Gibalerio

    The theme song feels like too much pressure (maybe it’s me?). B & C sound good – especially together. (In moderation on B, whenever possible, if ever possible 🙂 .)
    I can drop you off chocolate supplies and I just finished “Tomorrow There Will be Apricots” – it was an engaging read. (Although I bet that Vampire one is a series and you are all set for a long while . . . )

    1. joslyne Post author

      I KNOW, right?!?!?! A theme song IS a lot of pressure. I’m pretty good at B & C! 😉 And I will need a new book eventually — it’s on my list!

  4. Anne

    One might think that I would like a theme song with awesome, inspiring lyrics. However. It turns out I mostly rely on rhythms and beats to get me going. Sometimes my theme songs have stupid or even unintelligible lyrics. And a lot of the time I use a “get up and go” playlist of a few songs to light a fire under my butt, rather than just one theme song. Not sure if these are up your alley…here’s a sampling….hope you at least like trying them on for size:
    Got 2 Luv U by Sean Paul (see above, unintelligible)
    Pompeii by Bastille
    We gonna Let It Burn from Let Radio Live (might be my new favorite)
    Some older songs:
    In A Dream by Rockell
    What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) by Information Society
    Also, the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore makes me happy.


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