The Last Joyous Days of Summer

Ah, the last few days of summer! Zoey and I are fighting all the time basking in each other’s company! Our days are unstructured carefree! I am compulsively eating dark chocolate enjoying every moment!

You guys, we are barely making it. This is the living room:

photo (7)

Summer is a time for forts! That are never cleaned up! Because one can only yell about picking crap up off the floor 12875 times! You win, tiny little dictator, YOU WIN.

This is the kitchen:

photo (9)

You will notice the dishwasher is empty. VICTORY! But the dirty dishes have not been loaded. (Can we call that a draw?) I mean, I’m too busy enjoying the tantrum my 5 year-old is having about there being no more pink ice pops to actually load the dishes. CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME ENJOY MY SUMMER IN PEACE, FANCY DISHWASHING ROBOT THINGY?????

This is the driveway:

photo (6)

We’re nothing if not classy. We’re thinking of making it into a planter — it will add lots of ambiance to the outdoor table that’s covered in bird shit BUT WE STILL SIT AT. Our standards have been significantly lowered since June.

This is the back of my head:

photo (8)

What? Is it too much?

Ten more days until school starts. School! And all the beautiful “s” words it brings: structure! schedule! salvation! And, for me, solitude!

Anyone else barely making it? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?




10 thoughts on “The Last Joyous Days of Summer

  1. Sara

    Until recently every room of my house had a fort in it. Every. Room. Lily had even made a fort for the cats in one of the bathrooms. The thing driving me the most crazy (the list is sooooooo long) is the constant fighting and bickering. Poking. Prodding. I don’t think my kids have said something nice to each other since June. Hang in there! And eat chocolate! Your hair looks beautiful, by the way. 😉

  2. ErinM

    I am just out of ideas for entertaining my child. Summer is too long! I am jealous of the super-cool pink toilet in the driveway, by the way.

  3. Julie

    Brilliant, funny lady!! I love when your sense of humor is able to shine through like a big beam of sunshine! Congrats on a great post!! xoxo

    1. joslyne Post author

      Thanks Jules! I like being a beam of sunshine. It doesn’t happen often but when it does WOO-HOO!!!!

  4. Amber

    Ha!! Yes yes yes! And yes. I’m barely hanging on by a thread. My little munchkin FINALLY starts his “school” back next week. I cannot wait!!


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