Just Like Everyone Else

When I first started working with a trainer I saw other women with their trainers doing hard core stuff like ab work with medicine balls and lunges on top of benches.

“Hey, so when can I do stuff like that?”  I asked Ron, my trainer guy.

At first he mumbled something about not focusing on others and focusing on myself. But when I pressed him about it again several sessions later, he looked at me and said, “Let’s get you a little stronger so you can, um. . .”

“Lift actual weight?” I supplied kindly. Ron nodded vigorously.

Well. I met with Ron yesterday. He graduated me from the use of no weights during core work, to the use of  . . . A MEDICINE BALL. That’s right people: I. USE. WEIGHTS.

(pause for cheering and general happy/impressed ruckus)

This is me:

Okay, okay, you got me. That’s not actually me. It’s a picture from Self Magazine with text that reads, “Oh, you want firm, flat abs to go with that half shirt?” Well, um, not really. Half shirts are so last season. BUT it is what I do with the medicine ball.

I also did bench lunges. They were  one-hand-on-the-wall-so-I-dodn’t-fall-over-even-though-I’m-standing-flat-on-the-ground lunges. But they were lunges.

Again, me:

Except I decided not to wear my bikini to the gym yesterday. Eh – maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Now I am just like everyone else at the gym: I LIFT STUFF. I LUNGE.

Victory is so mine.


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