12 Reasons I Am A Good Parent

It’s been one of those weeks. You know, the ones where it feels like we’re losing at parenting EVERY. WAKING. MOMENT. And probably even when we’re sleeping (but at least we don’t know it). Instead of going into details (because, my god, who has the time to list out all the failures?), I am going to list the multitude of ways I am a good mother. I know. It’s a bit of departure from my usual blog fare but try and stay with me.

1. I read Fancy Nancy and Magic Treehouse books, outloud, over and over, and do the voices.

2. I created, sewed, and hot glue gunned a “Cozy Nook” for reading at the top of the stairs.



3. I make chicken nuggets for Zoey on lentil taco night so she will have something to eat.

4. I spend considerable time and enthusiasm discussing the existence of fairies, Santa, pirates, princesses, and Caspert (the ghost who lives in my closet).

5. I sacrifice my sanity in the moment in order to mold my daughter into a kind, responsible, generous human being in the long run. (For example: Me: No, you may not eat under the table like a dog. Zoey: (throws herself on the ground) AGGHHHHHH! GRRRRR!! BAHHHHHHH! I NEVER GET TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!)

6. I make flower hair clips for Zoey because most of the ones out there are for white girl hair. And then I make them for all her friends as birthday party favors.


7. I keep princess bandaids in stock.

8. I pretend that wiggling Zoey’s loose tooth brings me great joy and wonderment when really it makes me nauseous.

9. I apologize sincerely when I screw up, lose my shit, and yell (or otherwise speak meanly) at my kid.

10. I still sing “American Pie” every night at bedtime.

11. I let Skittles the Guinea Pig (may he rest in peace) come stay with us over spring break.

12. I allow Zoey to comb and style my hair.


What about you? Tell us something that makes you a good parent!




5 thoughts on “12 Reasons I Am A Good Parent

  1. Carrie Roberts Redi

    Having awesome friends like you, makes me a good parent because I can commiserate and validate my feelings of inadequacy only to be told that I am a good mom and kids are insane. YOU ARE A MOST AMAZING, AWESOME, FABULOUS MOM! Sorry, had to shout it so Zoey might be able to hear and thus be the most well-behaved appreciative child I know she is (deep down).
    Thanks for being such a great friend and making me laugh when I want to cry!

    1. joslyne Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. But . . . you didn’t share how you are a good mom. So, I’ll list some reasons for you: do you cool/crafty projects, you always have healthy snacks around, you sing and dance with your kids, you drive your kids to multiple classes, doctors, schools, etc and remain cheerful, your super power is patience, and I could go on and on. xo

  2. Niki

    Holy cow — all of those are amazing, but that reading nook takes the cake. Come to Michigan to help me make one, pleeeeeeeease!!!! Okay, one thing I do that makes me a great mom is that I regularly take my kids to visit my in-laws without my husband all the time. I flew on airplanes with tiny babies, did ten-hour road trips with toddlers, and now that we live here in the same town I go out of my way to spontaneously invite them to come do things with us and include them in our lives.

    1. joslyne Post author

      You know, I got the idea for the front of the cozy nook from you. You made that table tent thingy a few years ago . . . . 🙂 I LOVE what you said about your good momness. That is AWESOME that you take the kids all over to see your in-laws. YOU. ROCK. xo

  3. Sandee Decker

    I know I am a good parent because you, my dear daughter, are a parent to be proud of. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Hindsight doesn’t work for parenting so make your decisions and move on. I look at you and am proud of the daughter we raised. I look at Zoey and am grateful she has you both as parents because she is such a delight. Each stage is interesting and sometimes challenging. Keep up the good work and as in a previous blog focus on the positive. LOVE YOU!!


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