One of Those Mornings

Ever have one of those mornings when your child, who you love very much, has to be asked 15 times before she does anything? And then she takes approximately 22 minutes to put on a shirt? Then she won’t eat her oatmeal unless you sit there and say, Takeabitetakeabitetakeabite? And every time you even look at her hair she yells OUCH and then turns around and glares at you like you just killed her puppy? She hates what you are packing her for lunch even though two days ago it was her favorite meal ever? And she comando crawls into the bathroom and refuses to brush her teeth because her foot is asleep? Then when you point out that one doesn’t need use of a leg to brush one’s teeth she slams the door in your face? She refuses to wash her face which has oatmeal all over it? Then you lose it because you haven’t eaten breakfast but have been awake for and hour and half taking care of everyone else’s needs and your donedonedone? Then you pull your child from behind up against you legs not so gently and wash her face because WE DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH A DIRTY FACE and OH MY GOD WE’RE RUNNING LATE? Then your daughter uns up to her room shrieking and crying? Before she even slams the door (again) you feel like a horrible parent who doesn’t deserve to have kids because you’re pretty sure you’re going to mess them up so badly anyway? And your husband goes up to gather your sniveling child in his arms and when they come down your child won’t even look at you? Of course you apologize and try to pat her back but she wants nothing to do with you? Then everyone is off to school and work and you are left sitting in a dirty house with dirty dishes and dirty laundry? Plus grocery shopping needs to be done and meals need to be planned? And all you can really think about is when school gets out and your daughter, who you love very much, may let you hold her little hand as you walk to the car?



6 thoughts on “One of Those Mornings

  1. Amber

    I want to give you a hug! Last week was “one of those weeks” for me. Totally different details but same defeated outcome. It sucks.
    But for the record, it is obvious that you are an outstanding mother. OUTSTANDING!
    Forget the dirty house and do something to care for yourself. Take a nap, bake some cookies, get a massage, take a bubble bath, have mid day cocktail. Love yourself because, mom, you deserve it.

    1. joslyne Post author

      I want you to give me a hug too! I LOVE your list of self care ideas! I wish you were my neighbor. 🙂

  2. Kate

    What a crappy morning! I am sorry friend. Libby and I have been there often especially lately and it blows. You are an amazing mother and Zoey is an amazing kid (in a large part because you are such an amazing mother), you guys just had a rough morning. I agree with the previous comment-forget laundry and groceries for a bit. Take care of yourself! And one day when she is 20, I will be sure to let her know that you loved her so much you wouldn’t let her go to school with oatmeal all over her face and she will thank you!

    1. joslyne Post author

      It *does* totally blow. You really think she’ll thank me when she’s 20? I’m thinkin’ it may be 35 . . . or when she has a 4 year old. 🙂

  3. Tyff

    I love the commando crawl to the bathroom because her foot is asleep. I’m keeping that image with me. Hang in their. I’ve had those mornings. You never imagine that you will chase your child around the house making mad swipes at her hair with a brush, but it happens.


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