Holiday Fashion Guide

The holidays are upon us. Weather it’s a night out on the town, a fancy party, or a family gathering, we all want to look our best.  And we’re going to show you how! With these seven simple rules, you’ll brighten up any celebration!

1. Tulle. There can never be too much. It adds whimsy and cheer to any occasion.

Haute couture made especially for Zozo by Courtney. (Hi Courtney!)

2.  Let loose a little! You can wear up to four patterns at once without causing eye damage to fellow merry-maker.

Tiny flowers, large flowers, stars, and polka dots . . . Why not?

3. Hats and princess socks will jazz up any outfit! So will a halloween cat! Zoey advises, “Just call it a Christmas cat so it can be a Christmas dress!” What a great way to get more wear out of your seasonal clothing!

4.  Stripes go with stripes.  (Note the festive use of tulle.)

5. Layering can be hard work . . . .

But it’s soooo worth it.

t-shirt, dress, skirt, and pants oh my!

6. Pants are not necessarily necessary. Especially with boots.
7. Helmets aren’t just for biking. Oh no no! Helmets add that certain jean ne sais quoi to almost any outfit! (Again, note the effective yet subtle use of tulle).
Happy holidays!

6 thoughts on “Holiday Fashion Guide

  1. Jules

    hahahaha!! Every time I read one of your posts I think to myself, “now THIS is my favorite post by Jos ever.” Well, guess what? THIS is my favorite post ever!!! So festive! So helpful! So timely! I am running out right now to stock up on some tulle, in every color I can find!

  2. tyff

    Five star fabulous! Clearly Zoey and Laney are of 1 Fashion mind. We were in a restaurant and I heard a woman whisper, I bet that little girl dressed herself

  3. kate myers cotton

    I’ve always thought stripes always go with stripes. I’m just glad that someone with some fashion credibility like Zoey is bringing it to the mainstream. She is someone to watch, that girl.


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