Zoey: So there’s this really weird thing that keeps happening at school. Like every day.
Me: Oh? What is it?
Zoey: It’s this thing called Circle Time . . .

Me: (after making some kick-ass brownies) I am a brownie making goddess!
Zoey: Yeah, you are. But mostly you’re MY MOM.

Zoey: (while peeling a banana) Heave! Ho!

While listening to “Ain’t No Sunshine”
Me: Do you like this song?
Zoey: Yeah. (pause) I’m pretty sure it’s about penguins.

Zoey: Mom? When I get bigger I wanna get my own real baby.
Me: Well, when you grow up you can be a mom if you want to.
Zoey: Yeah, I really want a baby so I can change it’s diaper!!! That’s THE BEST THING EVER!

Zoey: Mom? You’ll come to college with me, right?
Me: Well, no I don’t come to college with you. I’ve already done college. But I’ll visit you all the time. And you can home home whenever you want . . .
Zoey: (teary) No! You WILL come with me and then I’ll live here! Because it’s our house! And you’ll take me to the bathroom at night so I’m not scared! WAH!


8 thoughts on “Gems

  1. AB

    Most of your posts are like birth control to me, but this one reminds me of why “mom” is possibly the best title one can ever have.

    1. joslyne Post author

      yeah, I’ve heard that before. 🙂 I’m just trying to keep all potential parents accurately informed. 🙂


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