Back to the Beginning

Right now Zoey is eating a peanut butter sandwich and watching Dinosaur Train.

Before that  she was on my lap screaming, crying, and wiping her snot on my neck.

Before that she screamed, cried, and flailed as I brought her in from the car.

Before that I wondered how much a liquid vacuum costs.

Before that Zoey screamed and occasionally dry heaved in the car all the way home.

Before that I sat on the curb in front of Zoey’s school and a busy bank parking lot. For 10 minutes.

Before that I got a scathing look from a bank customer.

Before that I got a commiserating 0h-I-have-so-been-there look from a parent at Zoey’s school.

Before that Zoey collapsed the top half of her body on the floor of the car and left her legs dangling out into the curb. Also, there was kicking an screaming.

Before that I opened the car door.

Before that I walked through the parking lot while Zoey held my hand. And screamed.

Before that I said, “Ouch! Stop pulling!”

Before that Zoey tried to wrench my arm out of it’s socket.

Before that I didn’t listen.

Before that Zoey said, “Look Mama! A pretty leaf!”



14 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

  1. joslyne Post author

    Um, yes, well. Maybe next time I will do a post about the lovely and fulfilling moments of motherhood. If I can think of one. 😉

      1. Niki Evans Stringer

        HA! HA HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whoever tells you that is definitely not talking about 22-month-old boys. Peter is the biggest drama queen about, well, everything. Even if he isn’t predisposed to cause a ruckus about something, he joins in enthusiastically if his sister starts one. Every day when I have to carry his kicking and screaming out of the preschool where we just dropped his sister off, I’m pretty sure the preschool director (who keeps an eye on the folks coming in and out) is putting Peter’s name on the blackball list when he’s finally old enough to attend.

  2. julestone

    Awww, Jos, so sorry you had such a crappy morning. I hate days like that. Because no matter how out of control the kid is, it is always the mom who is full of shame, guilt, frustration, exhaustion, worry, confusion…. you name it – at least that is how it was for me. I promise things will get better. Probably by dinner time!!!! Hang in there, you are such a great, loving, thoughtful, kind, and caring mom to Zoey. xoxo

    1. joslyne Post author

      Thanks Jules. Dinner ended up with a grilled cheese thrown on the floor. BUT it’s almost bedtime (read as: Freedom/Ice Cream Eating Time).

  3. Alicia King

    ….and this is why I always try to give that same look as your commiserating preschool parent, and say something. Anything.

    Hang in there.
    One of those days, huh?
    They can’t be angels all the time.
    Wow, she sure can scream.
    Um, can you get your kid to shut the F up?
    What is WRONG with him?

    I don’t always make good choices.


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