An Unfortunate Name

We have a cat.


Zoey wanted to name the cat Zoey. I thought that might be confusing as cats and 3 year-olds tend to get into similar types of trouble. “Zoey, get off the table!”, “Get out of the trash, Zoey!”, and of course, “Zoey, don’t drink out of the toilet!” It would just be to0 easy for Zoey to be all, “O000h. I thought you were talking to the cat, not meeeee.”

So naming the cat Zoey was nixed.  As was Pink Princess (Zoey’s second suggestion). I was voting for Happy or Daisy but was turned down on the grounds of being “too perky.” Which is not something I am often accused of.

Demetri finally came up with the name Tikka. The conversation went like this:

How about Tikka?

Yeah. That’s good — like Tikka Masala!

Yeah. I wonder what “Tikka” means . . .

It probably means “spicy”, but we should look it up before we name her.

Ok. Let’s do it when we get home. 

Except that we never remembered to look it up and just started calling the cat Tikka. The name has a nice ring to it and we all like the Indian dish. So there you go.

For three months we have been calling our cat Tikka. Last week I finally looked it up. It means “pieces of meat.” Yes, we named our cat Pieces of Meat. Which is what Demetri and my formerly good friend, Courtney, now call her. Courtney leaves the house and says, “Bye Pieces of Meat.” Demetri comes home and says, “Hello, good little Pieces of Meat.” And I open the refrigerator and see this:

It’s all rather distressing — until I remember we had Tikka Masala last week and froze the leftovers. (But I still look around and check on the, um, liveliness of our cat.)

Tikka generally seems rather displeased. Or maybe she’s just unimpressed with us.

I would be too, Tikka. I would be too. 


13 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Name

  1. ErinM

    That is the awesomest name I have ever heard of for a cat. It makes me want to rename Bobo and Margie to something like “meatloaf” and “dinner”. Tikka is really pretty!!! I loves me an orange tabby.

  2. julestone

    I love this post! It is absolutely hilarious, on so many levels!!! And Tikka “pieces of meat” is an AWESOME name for a cat! And what’s up with labeling your leftovers???? Seriously. Who has the time and/or energy to do that? I’m totally impressed!!! (PS: I am very relieved that the leftover Tikka was – in fact – leftover tikka.)

  3. Niki Evans Stringer

    LOVE IT! Pacey probably got too fat to keep wearing his collar by the time we became friends, so you probably don’t remember ever seeing him with one on. Come to think of it, I think he had taken to hiding all the time because of our adoption of Connie the dog and the birth of Charlotte the Terrible. ANYWAY, you probably have no idea that Pacey’s collar tag (engraved at PetsMart, of course) read, “Pacey Stringer, 294-XXXX, Bake at 350”. Chewie’s, before his untimely demise, read “Chewie Stringer, 294-XXXX, $3.99 per lb.” Both would be fitting tags for Tikka’s collar!

  4. Niki Evans Stringer

    Poor Rocky doesn’t even have one yet. The collar I bought for him still gets caught in his lower jaw even when I put it on the smallest setting. He might have to wait a few more weeks until I try it again because I will have terrible visions of him getting caught when we’re gone for 12 hours or something! His probably will say a shortened version of “it’s a good thing I’m cute, or else my humans would have fed me to the lions at the zoo a long time ago!”

  5. kul virdee.

    there is a meaning of tikka that i am familiar with. it is a pendant, usually real gold hanging on a chain which is then pinned on the head and the pendant hangs on the forehead between the 2 eyes. tikka is an ornament worn by a bride as she goes through the ritualistic indian wedding. it is also worn by other married women on dress up occassions, example, on a family member wedding. therefore i think tikka is a very auspicious name.

  6. Heather Bush

    We just got a cat as well, and the first choice was Zoe, followed by Duchess (he is a boy by the way), then Thomas O’Malley. Then she got angry and said, “Just name him Oliver, it’s what you wanted anyway.”

    Never mentioned Oliver, but Oliver it is.

    Thank you for reading my blog – love reading yours!


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