Where Do Babies Come From?

Me: So, Tessa might have a new baby brother or sister soon! Maybe even today . . .

Zoey: Oh! Where are they gonna get it?

Me: Well, Courtney, Tessa’s mom, will go to the hospital and the doctor will help the baby come out of her tummy.

Zoey: (pause) Mommy, wait.  The baby is where?? WHERE EXACTLY??

Me: The baby is in Courtney’s tummy — actually, her uterus.

Zoey: (longer pause) Mommy? I’m not sure that’s a good idea . . .

Me: It’s a little bit weird, isn’t it?

Zoey: Well, maybe we can take out some of my baby toys to give to the weird new baby that Courtney ate . . .

Huh? Babies don't come from Target? This totally screws up my idea of good and evil . . .


9 thoughts on “Where Do Babies Come From?

  1. Sara

    Just wait until she wants to know WHERE the baby comes out. When I was pregnant with Lily we had lots of discussions about how the baby got in my tummy (I said, “God”) and how the baby would come out (I said, “The doctors.”). Eventually she wanted to know where the baby would come out. I told her the truth. When Lily was born Sophie had two questions for me when she came in to see her new sibling…first, “Is it a girl?” And second, “Did she come out your private parts?” I answered “Yes” to both.

  2. ErinM

    Ate the baby? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, my. I see discussions like that in my future. Why is understanding how we got here one of the most mind-blowing revelations of our lives?

    1. joslyne Post author

      I *still* find it mind-blowing. And . . . totally weird. Also, kinda gross. Thank goodness it was not/is not my life ambition to be a doctor. 🙂

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