House Keeping, Tag Lines, and a Prize (Oooh! Ahhh!)

So it’s time for a little house keeping. Wait, no! Let’s do THE CONTEST first.  I am officially announcing a contest for a tag line for Zozo’s Mom.  A tagline is basically a slogan.  Here are some taglines I like from other blogs:

The Bloggess: Like Mother Teresa, Only Better
Rants From Mommyland: Celebrating the “Joys” of Motherhood
Finslippy: Wading in the Shallow End Since 2004

Submit your idea for a tagline in the comment section by next Wednesday, I’ll pick a few of my faves and then post a poll so you can vote for the winner.  The winner will receive  A PRIZE of CHOCOLATE.  Or, if allergic to chocolate, something equally yummy that will not make you barf and/or break out in hives. Woot!

And now to housekeeping . . . I’ve had several people ask me if it matters if they post comments here or on Facebook.  While it doesn’t matter to the universe at large, it matters to me on a personal, slightly-less-important-than-connoli* level.  The reason we bloggers like comments on our blog (as opposed to Facebook) is that when we try and sell and article or book (ahem!) we generally refer potential publishers back to our blog.  The more comments these people see, the better.    However, I’m just glad to have you here so if you prefer to comment on Facebook or not at all, thanks for reading.

Another way you can help me out is by following Zozo’s Mom on Facebook. Just click on this link and at the top of the screen you will see the words ‘Zozo’s Mom’. To the right of these words there is a gray box with a thumbs up and the word ‘Like’.  Click that box. If you’re just helping me out and don’t want Zozo’s Mom updates to appear in your feed do this: Go to your feed.  Find the most recent post by Zozo’s Mom.  Put your mouse over the update and a little ‘X’ will appear in the right hand corner. Click on the X. Choose ‘Hide All by Zozo’s Mom’. And voila! You never have to deal with me again!

* I really, really like cannoli. Just FYI.


12 thoughts on “House Keeping, Tag Lines, and a Prize (Oooh! Ahhh!)

  1. Alicia King

    Zoz’s Mom………

    Everything You Never Imagined Could Happen

    Rated NSFTC (Not Suitable For the Childless!)

    Tears, Triumphs and Belly Laughs From the Cul-de-Sac

    Mommy Truths (Poop Stories Included)

    If You Can HANDLE the Truth

  2. Amber Burgin Hoyle

    Helpful information on the comments. Blog comments it is. Love, love, love your writing, your stories, and your sense of humor. For tag lines, I’m loving Carla’s “Almost Losing Our Shit On a Daily Basis”. Not sure if I can beat that, but I’ll be thinking 🙂

  3. jules

    Oh geez, my age is showing this morning…… I used Betsy’s email address. Sorry!! (I just want to make sure – if I win – I get the chocolate, not Betsy).

    1. Zozo's Mom

      Man, I was all excited for a sec thinking Betsy commented on my blog! But then I thought, “Hey! She stole Jules idea! Not cool!” 🙂 However, let it be known that I am SUPER EXCITED that Jules commented! 🙂

  4. Anne G

    or perhaps…..documenting the pandemonium of parenthood so that all might know the truth

    or….. Chronicles of chaos, catastrophe, and unconditional love

    or….. Zozo’s mom: Proving the existence of unconditional love on a daily basis


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