>A Totally Ridiculous Conversation (On Many Levels)


me: Wait . . . How old am I? 33 or 34?

Demetri: Uuuh . . .
me: HOLY SHHHHHH….! Am I turning 35?????
Demetri: No. No way. You must be 33.
me: Ok. Wait. How old are you turning?
Demetri: Fooooorty . . . five?
me: WHAT? no. It must be 44.
Demetri: Wait … do you know what number Super Bowl it’s going to be because I’m the same age as the Super bowl?
me: Uh, OF COURSE I don’t know the number of the super bowl.
Me: Crap, I’m going to have to do math.
Zoey: Grrr….. My parents are idiots!

5 thoughts on “>A Totally Ridiculous Conversation (On Many Levels)

  1. Niki

    >Seriously? It's hard to calculate your age even though you were born in 1975? Try doing the math on the fly when your birth year is 1977. Then you know real confusion. I think I'm just going to stay 30 for a while. I like Laura's strategy.


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