>The Good Stuff


With all the crap that’s happened in the last few weeks, there was some good stuff. Some funny stuff. Some I-don’t-want-to-forget stuff. And here is some of it:
1. This is a picture Zoey drew for me while I was in the hospital. It is, in fact, a picture of me. At the hospital. Distended belly? Check! Scar from surgery? Check! Belly button? Check! It’s surprising with all that attention to detail that I have only one arm and no hair. Especially since a certain hot husband with a fine ass and a degree in art helped with the rendering. Boomer, our now deceased cat, and Zoey are also pictured.

2. When I went to the first ER Zoey came with me. Once we had secured ourselves a room, I was told to change into a hospital gown. After I put it on, Zoey looked up at me, gasped, and I swear she did the thing where she holds both her hands up in the shape of a square like a picture, “Oh Mommy! You look goooooood! You pretty! Pay for that dress with the monies!” That’s right people, I rock a hospital gown.
3. On the day after the first ER, I lay on the couch most of the day. Zoey kept coming over and tucking my feet in the blanket. She would pat my feet with both of her hands and solemnly say, “You OK Mommy. You OK now.” And I ask you, what is more comforting than having someone pat your feet and tell you that you are OK?
4. In the second ER, we were in a room that had a glass patio-like slider door that separated us from the chaos of the hallway. Zoey would peer out the glass and whenever she saw anyone wearing white or wearing scrubs she would screech, “HERE COME THE DOCTORS! H-I-I-IDE!” My sentiments exactly.

3 thoughts on “>The Good Stuff

  1. Carla

    >I never thought I would say this, but is it possible that there is a child out there who can rival, and perhaps even best, my daughters in cuteness? It's clearly impossible, but Miss Zoey does make me wonder sometimes…


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