>Wield Your Powers for Good


Earlier today while I was hiding in the pantry eating pretzel M&M’s* and attempting to ignore the tortured sobbing coming from my child who was in time out for hitting me, I had a thought. Perhaps it is possible to bend the will of the universe. No, no, not bend the will of a toddler. That’s an exercise in futility. I’m talking about the universe. You know, the totality of everything that exists. Unlike toddlers, the universe, apparently, has been “governed by the same physical laws and constants throughout most of its history”**. So we have that going for us. And I say “us” because I am enlisting your help with this whole bending-the-will-of-the-universe thing. Now, before you get all twitchy and run away screaming, “No, no! Stop the madness!” let me remind you that a similar experiment already worked for Carla over at Adjustment and Disorder. She got the powers that be (AKA, her readers) to bend the will of the universe and move her placenta. And if we can accomplish that, well, we can for sure get someone to buy our house. You don’t even have to know anything about anatomy for this one. So, please, pray, meditate, do Jedi mind tricks — Whatever is your bag and help us sell our house. Please. By the end of July.

‘Kay? Thanks.
* I am not normally a fan of pretzels. I mean, I’ll eat them if I’m about to die of starvation. Or if I’m on an airplane. But pretzel M&M’s? OH. MY. GOD. Yum.

4 thoughts on “>Wield Your Powers for Good

  1. kate c

    >I'm picturing a "sold" sign in front of your house. And I happen to agree that it is more reasonable to expect to bend the will of the universe than to bend the will of a toddler.

  2. ErinM

    >I have no need to sell real estate at this moment, so I am sending you all of the home-selling vibes I can muster. You will prevail over the weak housing market!


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