>In Which I Make a Hard Decision and the Most Un-Sexy Purchase Ever


It’s come to this: I am now a person that owns a weekly pill organizer. You know, the plastic boxes that are divided into 7 compartments, one for each day of the week. Except mine has 14 compartments. That’s right: FOURTEEN. For morning and night. Apparently, I’m that sickly. And let me tell you, this pill box isn’t doing much for my self esteem. Not much at all. I’m going to have to hide it from Demetri. If he sees it, all romance will be gone from our mariage. Next thing you know, we’ll be hitting the early bird dinner buffetts, rubbing medicated ointment on each other before sundown, and calling it a night. In separate twin beds. Awesome.
It doesn’t help that I just canceled a 5 day trip with Demetri to San Francisco. He’s going for a conference and I was going to tag along. But I’ve been under the weather for 3 weeks and I’ve been straddling the line that separates depression from, uh, not-depression. It’s an exhausting place to be. I was looking forward to meeting Demetri’s west coast fam . . . but I just can’t do it. I can’t make the long flight. I can’t stay in an unfamiliar place. I can’t be alone for 9 hours a day in a new city. So I’m not going. Instead, Zoey and I are making the short flight to my parents’ home in South Carolina. Zoey will have a blast with The Grandparents and I will sleep and rest . . . and then sleep and rest some more. And I’ll probably eat a lot of good food too — coconut shrimp, key lime pie, curried chicken salad. I’ll sit in the sun. Read on the porch. Walk on the beach. And I’ll feel like a kid again — safe and cared for in my parents’ home. I’ll have to hide the pill box from them too — I don’t want them to think I’m all grown up. Not yet.
This is my pouty-face . . . in case you weren’t sure.

9 thoughts on “>In Which I Make a Hard Decision and the Most Un-Sexy Purchase Ever

  1. SWMama

    >I think you are a wise, wise woman. I have canceled two trips that I wanted to go on, because, well, I just couldn't do it. Too much. Good for you for taking care of yourself! Oh, and sorry about the pill box. At least it's not adult diapers, which is where I seem to be headed.

  2. ErinM

    >Ditto on the adult diapers. Hilariously enough, just last night, I saw an article on one of those Parents magazines about incontinence in women our age. Fabulous!Anyway, I crochet, enjoy eating dinner at 4:30pm, and can't stay up past 9pm to save my life. So that sort of pillbox is probably in my future….

  3. lisa

    >Ah yes, the romance and self-esteem killers of our early thirties. My special gift this year has been THIGH HIGH COMPRESSION STOCKINGS which I will now have to wear on my right (and eventually left) leg most days for the rest of my life. Thanks, lymphedema. Hope the time at home is awesome. I daydream about my own parent's porch.

  4. JHM

    >I'm so sorry to hear about how hard things have been, but I'm glad you're able to give yourself a few days of R&R.But…early bird dinner buffets are awesome and rubbing ointment doesn't sound too bad…are you listening SWMama?

  5. Niki

    >You look way too cute to be geriatric and depressed! Think of it less as a pill organizer and more as a game of chance: what's behind Door #1?!?!

  6. Anne G

    >I LOVE reading all of these comments. I just had a really long day treating some pediatric patients who had been beat up by an adult. To put it mildly. The really ugly side of humanity. And here I find caring, supportive, humorous, loving remarks. I don't even know who you all are, except that you are friends of Joslyne. And you have totally restored my faith in the ability of people to empathize, and stand behind, while embracing head on a friend and fellow human being. And it's literally replaced my hot tears of sadness with a little bit of a smile and a feeling of hope. And I thank you all for that.

  7. Joslyne

    >Anne – sorry you had such a horrible day. I'm so glad those kids got to be cared for by YOU. Kinda puts the whole pill box thing in perspective. And, hey, if people can empathize about a pill box . . . well, those kids will have some good support coming to them. Again, they are so lucky to have you as their doc.

  8. Damaris

    >We're bravely choking back tears of disappointment out here in the rainy Bay Area, missing your eagerly-awaited visit. Yeah, yeah, I know my actual first cousin and all will still be visiting — but not his fabulous, talented and funny wife! We'll hope for a visit some time in the future at which point we can share our mutual adoration for the truly miraculous Miracle Balls and compare our weekly pill organizers.


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