I’m at home on the couch with a sinus infection. Ugh. Zoey is attending her first birthday party at The Jump Zone. With Demetri. Not me. And yes, I am jealous and I’m feeling sorry for myself. I like to be there for Zoey’s firsts. The first time she goes to the zoo. The first time she sees the ocean. The first time she tastes a lemon. Tonight, I’m missing it. I’m not even sure exactly what I’m missing. But I know it involves my daughter and, most likely, cake. Two of my favorite things. Plus, Zoey is in this new phase where she loves holding hands with her friends. It kills me. In a good way. I can just imagine — Zoey and her little friends in their stocking feet at The Jump Zone. They are moving carefully holding hands in a chain. They look at each other, laughing, squealing, gently bumping shoulders. If I was there I would be holding my hand over my heart, momentarily awed by seeing my daughter so loved by others. It’s a big deal to have hand-holding friends. And to have more than one . . . well, that’s just icing on the cake.
Happy Birthday Madison!!!


2 thoughts on “>Firsts

  1. Kelly

    >Sorry that you have to miss this Jos. Is Zoey bringing you home cake? I LOVE hand-holding-little-ones. So darn sweet. Kate holds hands with her preschool bff the whole time they are in school! So cute!

  2. ErinM

    >Dude, Zozo and her buddy holding hands might be the cutest thing I have ever seen! That is way lame that you are stricken with a sinus infection (they are EVIL!!) and unable to see the insanity that is a group of toddlers at The Jump Zone. Sosini's sinus infection was kablammoed by amoxicillin last month– I hope your doctor prescribed you something that will work just as well!


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