>Happy (Late) Anniversary!


I somehow missed the one year blogging anniversary of Zozo’s Mom. As of January 23rd, I have been blogging for ONE YEAR!!! Yay for me! What started out as a new year’s resolution is now a very important part of my life. Seriously. Blogging makes me feel proud, happy, and worthwhile. All things that are often hard to come by as a SAHM. And . . . what’s that? You want to get me a present? Aw! How thoughtful! As a belated anniversary present to me please decloak/delurk and leave a comment. Who are you? How did you get here? And if I already know you please leave a comment anyway! Pleeeeaaaaase!!!!!!!

Also, my living room looks like this:

It’s been a hard week (sniff sniff) what with all the sickness (sigh) and fatigue (yaaawn) and loneliness (wah!). And you know what would make me feel better? COMMENTS!
So . . . thanks for reading. For real. It means a lot to me.


17 thoughts on “>Happy (Late) Anniversary!

  1. Anne

    >Firsties for me?! Okay– Thanks for blogging, Joslyne! You are an inspiration to me as I begin tentatively dipping my toe into the blogosphere. Thank you for bravely and hilariously and, most of all, honestly sharing your experiences with all of us– the good, the bad and the poopy. Happy blogiversary!

  2. Niki

    >We'll come over to soothe the loneliness!! We might need a bulldozer for that living room though… Happy anniversary! Thanks for all the entertainment and education!!

  3. sean

    >your blog makes me smile and think every time i read it (so every time there's a new post). since i know you, it would be a little awkward if i didn't like it, but you got mad skills. i have to admit, though, that whenever you are writing about how you and zoey are going toe-to-toe over something, i root for zoey to come out on top. i feel bad about this, but i have always rooted for the mischievous ones (e.g. jerry over tom, and bugs bunny over yosemite sam)

  4. Alicia King

    >I love this blog! My heart sings when I see a new post title. Whether it's hilarious, adorable, poignant or heart-wrenching, I ALWAYS feel something when I read your work. (And I'm a cold-hearted bitch!)Thank for sharing your life with such honesty. Thanks for sharing your mommy, Zoey!!

  5. julestone

    >Your blog is always a highlight of my day when you post – you are smart, funny, honest, endearing, a great mom, a good friend, a runner (that part I just can't relate to!), a woman who is living her life despite having a chronic illness,and in a word, brilliant! So thank you for blogging, and please don't ever stop!!

  6. SWMama

    >What can I say? You know I adore you. Thanks for sharing yourself, and your lovely family. It has made my new mommy experience DRASTICALLY better than it may have otherwise been. Oh, and I would play in that living room, just as it is, any day of the week.

  7. Aunt Janet

    >Hi joslyne, I am Niki's Aunt Janet. I love to read your blog. I feel like we are some how related in a past life or something! I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. So I know what you are going through when you have a flare-up. I have 3 grown children so I can tell you that you are doing a great job. I also used to work at a Developmental Preschool so I may have more poop stories than you. Just ask Niki. Thank you for being such a good friend to Niki, She and Erin are so special to me. I am so happy that Charlie Jo is getting to grow up with a best friend like Zoe. She is a beautiful little girl and very very lucky to have you as her Mom. I sure hope I get to meet you in person some time. Aunt Janet

  8. Kelly

    >Jos, thank for your writing your blog and making us SAHMs feel not so lonely. You are an inspiration. You speak from your heart, and you write it so eloquently!!!! Your writing and feelings are so real. I laugh every single post. Thank you for speaking not only from YOUR heart, but MINE too! As your friend that lives far away, I love hearing about your day, and how life is going on your end. Thank you. Love you!

  9. kate c

    >Happy blogaversy! I'm glad your blog gives you so much satisfaction because I can say that it has been a great enrichment to my life! I always find something I can relate to in your posts and that always makes me feel less alone. And I miss you and our runs so we MUST get back out there and get on routine again. We can! We can! And we will!

  10. Carrie and Hugh

    >Hi, I am Carrie and I am Niki's friend from high school. I follow her blog and saw yours and have stopped by a few times to read. Your family is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me read along. I have a 10 month old little girl and can relate to a lot of what you write about!

  11. Anonymous

    >Joslyne, I look forward to every posting you do because you either make me laugh till I cry or just plain cry over the tender things you say about Zoey. Keep up the good work. If you need help with the house, I'm coming to Franklin in April. See you then…JoAnn

  12. Emily

    >I landed here from Erin M's blog… I'm a pediatrician, and the first post I read by you was called "and yet." The adoption story you mention was big news in the peds world, with lots of opinions. Your post was such an honest, sweet response – I was hooked!

  13. Anne

    >I LOVE this blog. It's the only one I follow. Really. Not just saying that. Always make me smile. Because it's funny. And because I am so thrilled to have a childhood friend who has turned in to such a wonderful person.


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