>Silver Wonder Boots (or, Another Use for Duct Tape)


Do you have this season’s latest accesory? Presenting custom made Silver Wonder Boots! That’s right: custom made. Each boot is carefully molded to fit your exact foot and leg shape.
The result of this fine craftsmanship is a boot that will make you look and feel your best! Even when you are wearing footy pajamas with sweatpants over them! And, let’s be honest, if the boots look good with that ensamble they will look good with anything!
Not only do the Silver Wonder Boots function as snow boots, but they also work as shin guards should a game of hockey or soccer break out!
Yes, this amazing versatility and fierce fashion fabulousness can be yours for . . . chocolate or free babysitting. So . . . act now, while supplies last!

14 thoughts on “>Silver Wonder Boots (or, Another Use for Duct Tape)

  1. ErinM

    >Those are even better than the bread bag boots that my parents made for me & Niki our first winter in Alabama! Wow– now that I think about it, they must have either eaten a lot of bread just horded bread bags for weeks in anticipation to make 4 bread bag boots.

  2. demetri

    >"Single-use snow boots" …the latest in post-environmental fashion. Or could it be that she's growing too fast for us to invest in foot wear? …no, my friends, it is the relative paucity of snowstorms here in middle-Tennessee. I'll wear that redneck title with pride thank you very much.

  3. kimberly

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