Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! I have a new way for you to waste time!!! A new and fabulous way! That’s right, peeps. There is a new blog in our universe . . . and I am lucky enough to be part of it. Behold: Stinkerbells! Each week, Carla, of Adjustemnt [and] Disorder, and I will write on the same topic (this week’s topic is moms and judgement). There will also be other shenanigans going on — pictures, videos of interpretive scarf dancing (all Carla, of course), and lots and lots of sarcasm.

So, head on over to Stinkerbells right now! Today you can check out the site and read more about your wonderful blog hosti (sure, it’s the plural of hostess, why not?). Please, follow us on Networked Blogs (Facebook) and please leave lots and lots of comments!!!


4 thoughts on “>Ta-Da!

  1. Sean

    >congratulations. i cannot wait until zoey gets her own blog (does fisher price make a "my first blog"?). i give it 12 months tops before she has hers.


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