>Last Friday I had a very important business meeting. The guy I was meeting referred to it as “grabbing coffee” but, really, it was a very important business meeting. It was about the usual businessy things — web sites, Twitter, and, oh yeah, CHANGING THE WORLD. What did you do last Friday? Hm? Hm?

Well, the result of my very important business meeting is that I will be blogging twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday, for Cool Moms Care (sister site to Cool People Care). And the first one is up RIGHT NOW! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee go check it out! Bonus points if you leave a comment! Bonus bonus SUPER MEGA points if you check out the site and use 5 minutes of your day today to make a difference. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas on how to do this on the site!
So lastly, I want to update all my loyal fans* (especially those in Finland) on my plans for this blog and the blog over at Cool Moms Care. My goal is to have new posts on this site twice a week and also to have new posts on Cool Moms Care twice a week. As of now, I do not intend to do any double posting. But if my family gets taken down by the flu or something . . . all bets are off. So, please come see me twice a week on Cool Moms Care and twice a week here!
*’Fans’ meaning Niki’s family and anyone else I force to read this blog.

13 thoughts on “>Coooooool

  1. katecotton

    >Yay! More Joslyne blogs! I get my laughs more often during the week now. Congrats on the business meeting going so well. I have to admit I did not (to my knowledge) change the world last Friday, but I'm inspired to step up my game.And, I'll be reading both blogs. 🙂

  2. Anne

    >OK. I have to say I felt really COOOOOOL when I was able to go to the Cool Moms Care site and pick out your blog just by looking at all the titles of the recent posts. Actually that should make you feel really cool because if I can do that, then clearly you are establishing your own style….even in the titles of what you write. Remember Mrs. Yanni? Second grade teacher. She would be proud to see how well you have grown up.

  3. Damaris

    >Congratulations, Joslyne, this is great news! It's wonderful to see your funny, fearless writing expanding. (One day I'll get to say "I knew her when….") Reading your posts always brings a smile to my day, I am a huge fan!


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