>Either Or


Someone told me that all kids are either a biter or a hitter. Not both. Never ever both. As we know, Zoey is a biter. And said person may have been telling me the above just to make me feel better. But whatever the reason, I bought it. Whenever Zoey attempts to feast on my flesh I console myself by thinking, Well, at least she’s not a hitter. Which is what I did this morning after an attempted biting. Then, Zoey smashed me in the head with a plastic duck. Which I think counts as hitting. So I now have a biter and a hitter. And a poops-in-the-tub-er (as discovered last night). Well, at least she’s not a ______. PLEASE, help me fill in the blank.
Note: check out The Grandparent pics in the previous post! They’re finally up!


12 thoughts on “>Either Or

  1. Joslyne

    >Corey- it wasn't a rubber duck. it was a solid, plastic duck that felt like cement. TOTALLY counts as hitting!Niki – I kinda want her to be a kicker — you know, soccer and all. 🙂

  2. adjustmentdisorder

    >I would take a biter or a hitter over a poop-in-the-tubber any day. I seriously don't know what I'm going to do when F does that. I'm going to freak out. Seriously freak out. I might turn into the biter or hitter if that happens.


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