>In Which I am Sorry

>It was pointed out to me that the title of the last post (“You can act real rude and totally removed and I can act like an imbecile”) could be taken as an insult to the readers of this blog. As in, the readers are “real rude and totally removed” because they did not leave comments. THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT AT ALL. The title of the post happens to be my favorite lyric from Safety Dance (which I briefly mention later in the post). Yes, the post was a rather pathetic plea for comments because I love comments and they make my day. I did not intend to insult or offend anyone, let alone someone who reads my blog. Hm, I guess the last part of the post title turned out to be true . . .


4 thoughts on “>In Which I am Sorry

  1. adjustmentdisorder

    >I wasn't offended at all… just confused because the only music I listen to is country and the theme songs from NPR. And I totally understand your desire for comments. I even had a contest on blog just to get comments and I got like 2! WTF??

  2. Dan and Alicia

    >I settle for hits. I offered a prize for the 4,000th visitor. No one claimed it, so I told them it was a new car. Even then, I only had a couple people claim they were the winners. Stupid honor system…..

  3. writingreadingandreflections

    >Ah, Safety Dance! Cool! First visit to your blog – sorry to take so long to get here. I need some cheering up. Your restaurant escapades (and the wonderful slide show of an Artiste at work) up above did the trick! Thanks!(You can dance if you want to…)


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