>"You Can Act Real Rude and Totally Removed and I Can Act Like an Imbecile"

>So, I am about to reveal a carefully kept blogging secret: Sometimes I don’t use people’s real names. Tricky, eh? But recently a major player on this blog asked me to stop using her fake name and use her real name. I guess this blog isn’t as embarrassing as the last post suggested — NO COMMENTS, people?! Except for the one I forced Demetri to write? Do you not know that I am at home all day? With a one year old? And no self esteem? Comments are better than chocolate. Anyone who knows me is now leaning back in their chair, aghast, going, Dooode. Did she really just say there is something in existence better than chocolate?

Anyway. Back to the big reveal. You know my running partner, Kara? Well, her real name is Kate! That’s right: Kara is Kate. See how I kept the first letter of the fake name the same as the first letter of her real name? Yup. That’s a just a little blogger secret from me to you.

And speaking of Kate and running . . . we recently signed up to do a second half marathon. When registering online there’s a bunch of questions you have to answer: name, address, projected running time, and (wait for it) is this your first half marathon? We checked No (as in, No this is not our first half thankyouverymuch! We are total running goddesses! We are unstoppable! We are real runners!). It was probably the finest moment of our lives.

Training starts on Monday. And the problem is, I’ve hit some kind of mental running wall. Hard. I’ve been continuing to run since our first half but it’s been something close to torture. 3 miles used to be our lowest mileage run. And now it practically kills me. I’m sucking wind. I’m cramping up. My knees are sore. My back is giving me flack. The sun beats down on me, drips all over me, and whispers in my ear, Stop. Stop. Stop. You can’t do it. Just Stah-ah-ah-ah-p. And sometimes I do. But mostly I don’t (mostly due to Kate’s encouragement). Kate is now out of town for two weeks. So, it’s gonna be just me and the road, baby! And my ipod shuffle (S-A-F-E-T-Y dance). Me, the road, my ipod shuffle, and, oh yeah, sheer determination.

Wish me luck. (Like in the comments section. Hint. Hint.)


10 thoughts on “>"You Can Act Real Rude and Totally Removed and I Can Act Like an Imbecile"

  1. Cindy Phiffer

    >I wait until I have to go somewhere so I can back down the driveway, roll down my window and pull the mail out of the mailbox. I'm afraid I can't even imagine what motivates someone to run. But this makes 4 (four) Comments!

  2. Niki

    >I'm really not sure who came up with the sport of running for pleasure, but I'm pretty darn sure it was NOT one of my ancestors. I am absolutely opposed to making my body do stuff like that. I'm in awe of anyone who can walk 3 miles, let alone run it!

  3. Sean

    >Good luck in your second half. There are certain people who make for good long-distance runners. I wish I were one of them. Not only do I lack the personality traits of a good long-distance runner, I have feet that are flat as can be (genetic trait) and lungs that are scarred (childhood disease). See, what I mean … the excuses flow too easy. Still, I have vowed to run a marathon in my lifetime and hope this will be the year. The only thing I know is that if I do accomplish my goal, I will never run a marathon again. A true long-distance runner would want to (and almost "need" to) run another. You must be one, Joslyne.


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