>Shot Through the Heart (And Who’s to Blame . . .)

>Yesterday Charlotte gifted Zoey with two toy baby bottles that have quickly become her most prized possessions. They’re the kind that you tilt back and the milk disappears*. Fancy-schmancy! So far, Zoey has fed her new baby bottles to herself, the baby doll, the hippo, the pool inner tube, Gilmore, the baby chair, the vacuum, a shoe, the TV remote, Boomer, the freezer, and the garage door. But will she share with me? That’s a big N-O. Apparently, her own mother, who gave up a lucrative social work career, most of her sanity, and many hours of sleep all for HER doesn’t deserve a sip of fake milk. Thanks for the self-esteem boost there, kid.

* A (very) lengthy (and repetitive) explanation from Niki was required for me to understand how the disappearing milk works. Yup, nothing’ gets by me. Sharp as a tack!


6 thoughts on “>Shot Through the Heart (And Who’s to Blame . . .)

  1. Laura

    >I love those bottles. There's no trick. The milk really does get fed to your dolls and then magically refills. What trick? What are you talking about?!?!?

  2. Niki

    >I think that the milk-disappearing trick shall remain a secret until Joslyne can successfully repeat my explanation. Ha! I bet she can't. So will she feed Demetri, or is he S.O.L. as well? I think the title of this post is especially appropriate considering Zozo's hair looked a bit like Bon Jovi's in the pool this afternoon. She could have a rockin' mullet (much like Charlotte's) if she straightened the back of her hair.And those are two of the absolute cutest pictures I have ever seen. Why is it so freaking cute to see toddlers playing mommy?


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