>The B Word

>The scene: Joslyne has just returned from a run and spies a lot of shredded tissues under the kitchen table. She points it out to Demetri.

Demetri: Uh-oh. Did that happen while I was babysitting?

Joslyne: What?

Demetri: Did that happen while I was ba — uh-oh.

Joslyne: While you were WHAT? What exactly?

Demetri: While I was looking after our child’s needs like a father does and should and definitely not babysitting.

Joslyne: Better.

Demetri: You’re still upset…?

Joslyne: (stony silence)

Demetri: Gah! FINE! You can blog about it.


9 thoughts on “>The B Word

  1. Dan and Alicia

    >That’s so funny. It was always one of Dan’s pet peeves. Whenever someone would ask if he was babysitting, he’d tell them no, he was parenting. His other daddy peeves included his perceived lack of respect in the hospital (he claims the nurses only addressed me, never him), no changing tables (back then) in men’s rooms, it goes on. He did acknowledge his inability to style FC’s hair in any way, though, but that was it.:)

  2. Damon

    >Agreed on this. I also dislike when people say things like “Damon sure does help a lot with the kids” uhhhhh, no, I do not ‘help’, I ‘parent’. Also I find it unnerving when people make a big deal when the father does stuff, like “wow, you do so much for a father”. It bugs me almost as much as when Laura is addressed as Mrs. Damon Orsetti. Ughhhh.

  3. Demetri

    >I know there is nothing I can write that will make this “incident” sound any better to our gentle readers, but as usual, I have a somewhat different interpretation of the events chronicled herein.I’d reframe the start of this as…”He got home from work and as usual encouraged me to go out and have fun with my friend…”;-)

  4. Victoria

    >Just found your blog via the comments section of Motherhood Uncensored. So glad I did too- each post I’ve read is fabulous! I’ll be back to read more.BTW, your daughter is beyond adorable!

  5. Kelly

    >Hey! It's Kelly from playgroup. I found your blog through Niki's.Chris (my hubby) & I had a very similar conversation, but he stood by his original terminology. Of course, that makes me think, "If that's babysitting, what they hell do I do all day? And what's the going payrate for that?"


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