>And Today’s Diagnosis is ……

>Forget what I wrote yesterday about freedom. It was short lived. Zoey now also has strep butt. That’s right — strep BUTT. Just like strep throat but somewhere else. Getting over this involves antibiotics and lots of . . .um . . . ‘thorough’ creaming. I am heavily self medicating today.


7 thoughts on “>And Today’s Diagnosis is ……

  1. Niki

    >Demetri introduced us to the slice of heaven that is cinnamon bun ice cream tonight. I think THAT needs to be included in any self-medication prescription. It is delicious with chocolate sauce on it as well.

  2. Dandelion Dreaming

    >Have you heard much about Probiotics? I feel like theyre so awesome, especially after rounds of antibiotics, so I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you. Antibiotics are so cool cuz they’ll take out the nasty bacteria, but they wipe out all the microorganisms in the gut, even the beneficial ones which are essential for keeping us healthy… with strong immune systems, able to take on the world!!! Go Zoey!!!


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