>Spring!!! Break???

>Zoey and I were supposed to be in South Carolina this week hanging out with the grandparents on the beach. But Zoey got strep and a high fever of 105.9. And in case you were wondering, I did not handle the fever calmly. sigh. Zoey is betterish but still not great. We are still hoping we can make it to SC next week . . .


5 thoughts on “>Spring!!! Break???

  1. Leslie Moore

    >So sorry to hear that Zoey’s been sick! Hope it’s not because her daddy’s been so busy on my website! I love the pics of her and Gilmore. How did you erase the background? I need to learn how to do that. Hope Zoey’s feeling better soon and that you get to those South Carolina beaches.

  2. Laura

    >Wow. 105.9?! I hope she’s better now. That’s awful. Yeah, Kestian had strep too, but it’s effects lasted a day and his fever never got above 102. Now, Damon had strep too and it beat him down for a week. Anyway, we’re on to pink eye with Kestian. Can’t you keep up?? :)Hope you get a great week with the gramps at the beach. Sigh. I miss the beach.


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